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Northern Center of Environmental Management

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Implementing IoT for air pollution investigation

We are utilizing IoT and scientific instruments to target pollution hotspots and identify suspicious businesses for conducting in-depth investigations and testing.

Cross-county/city river pollution monitoring

We will collaborate with counties and cities to gain a comprehensive understanding of the water quality in cross-regional rivers and to carry out river pollution prevention initiatives.

Collaborate with local offices of the Irrigation Agency, Ministry of Agriculture to investigate abnormal water quality

In order to enhance food safety and safeguard people's health, we collaborate with local offices of the Irrigation Agency, Council of Agriculture to target abnormal water quality in irrigation channels, conducting analysis and inspections, and thereby curbing illegal activities of businesses.

Collaborate with non-governmental environmental protection organizations on pollution inspection and prevention

We utilize cross-platform connections to receive reports of abnormalities. Priority is given to notifying local environmental protection units for appropriate handling.

We serve as a coordinating role across borders and domains according to pollution and reporting situations, incorporating the power of civil society to enhance mutual trust between environmental protection organizations and public service systems.

Handle inspections of import and export waste notified by customs

We assist the customs in the inspection and identification of import and export waste, as well as conduct domestic flow and use tracking inspections of imported industrial materials or used products. Therefore, we prevent illegal disposal after import, and strengthen the inspection of the source of output to prevent illegal situations.

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