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Rivers Targeted for Pollution Remediation

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The Ministry of Environment (MOENV) has selected 11 key rivers, including Tamsui River, Laochieh River, Er Ren River, Jisui River, Yanshui River, Beigang River, Nankan River, Sinhuwei River, Zhuoshui River, Agongdian River and Love River for accelerated remediation and improvement of water quality in the river basins.

Main sources of pollution for the 11 rivers come from domestic and industrial wastewater, as well as wastewater from animal farming. Through strengthening source reduction and on-site treatment of wastewater, MOENV has successfully reduced the ratio of severely polluted river segments from 14% in 2002 to 2.6% in 2022 – a significant improvement of overall river water quality.

Persisting in efforts to improve river water quality, MOENV continues to monitor pollution sources and proactively collaborates with relevant enterprises and authorities to promote improvement measures and reduce river pollution. MOENV selects moderately or severely polluted water bodies, including those with excessive heavy metals (rivers and various water intake points), as priority targets for remediation measures:

  1. Total volume control
  2. Promoting on-site treatment facilities
  3. Strengthening inspection and regulation
  4. Utilizing livestock excrements resource
  5. Accelerating sewage system projects (including wastewater interception)
  6. Conducting in-depth inspections and functional evaluations of industries
  7. Removing floating garbage from the river surface
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