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Control of mobile sources of air pollution

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The Ministry of Environment has been actively adopting diversified management measures to deal with mobile pollution sources. In addition to vehicle management, other measures include setting fuel oil composition standards, cooperating with the Ministry of Transportation And Communications to promote the electrification of urban buses, using shore power for ships in the port area, and slowing down when entering and leaving the port. Encouraging local governments to designate air quality maintenance areas to prohibit or restrict the entry of specific vehicles, improving mobile pollution sources, maintaining air quality through regular and irregular inspections, inspections, and banning high-polluting vehicles. According to monitoring data from national traffic monitoring stations, PM2.5, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and hydrocarbons have decreased by 16%, 45%, 22% and 30% respectively in recent years, showing that the improvement of mobile pollution sources has achieved results, and the Ministry of Environment will continue in systematic and multiple ways to manage mobile pollution sources, adopt various vehicle pollution control measures, and work together with the public to improve air quality, reduce exposure risks, and maintain health.

For more information, please refer to the Mobile Source of Air Pollution Management Web.

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